The Red Rooster Inn

Family Bar & Restaurant

       All Homemade Cooking done on premises!


The Red Rooster is well known for their delicious crab cakes ! Made fresh Daily!


* 8%PA sales tax not included

*Prices subject to change with out notice.

*Please note we change menu items and entrees periodically, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Please ask for the soups of the day!

call us at 215-745-1919 for all pick up orders!

                       Dinner Entrees available 4pm

jumbo lump crab cake served with two sides 13.95

Creamy deviled crab cake served with two sides 13.95

Guiness Steak served with two sides 14.95

Fried Sea Scallops with french fries and coleslaw 13.95

Seafood combo(broiled or fried) crabcake, scallops, shrimp & flounder with two sides 19.95

Chicken Parmesan with pasta 13.95


please ask for our specials! Prices are a guide and may not be accurate... 8%tax not included.



Mini Crab Balls                               9.95

Basket Of Fries                               3.00

  Cheese Fries                                  4.00

Old Bay Fries                                3.00

Old Bay w/Cheese                        4.00

  Rooster Fries                                  7.95

   Spicy Jumbo Buffalo Wings(10)      7.95

   Beer Battered Mozzarella Stix         5.95

Onion Petals                                   7.95

             Coconut Shrimp                    7.95                     

    Bowl Of Mussels (Red or White)   7.95

Steamers in garlic butter & wine   7.95

Mini Tacos                                 6.95

Chicken Tenders                        6.95

Buffalo Tenders                         7.95

Rooster Combo                       10.00

 Rooster Chips                           7.95


                                  Chicken Cutlet with peppers& provolone 8.95                                

        Chicken Parmigian Sandwich              8.95 

roast pork with sharp provolone 8.95

          Grilled Chicken Breast                             7.95

        Meatball Parmigian                                 8.95

Grilled Cheese                                       4.95

Grilled Ham & Cheese                             6.95

Grilled Cheese w/Bacon                          6.95

BLT                                                     6.95

HOT Roast Beef                            7.95

Pork Roll & Cheese                                6.95

Wraps   7.50 each

        Grilled Chicken Caesar, Tuna,  Homemade Turkey, Cheese Steak, Chicken Tender, Chicken & Cheese or Italian, Turkey & Swiss with cranberry mayo


Triple Decker Club Sandwiches  9.95

               All Served with Fries

Homemade Turkey, Ham & Cheese, or Tuna


Homestyle Platters

Thanksgiving Dinner- Roasted Turkey Breast, Stuffing, Mashed w/gravy & Cranberry 11.95

Yankee Pot Roast w/mashed potatoes, & Vegetables 1295 

                    *All Prices subject to change without notice.



  All of our Burgers are 8 oz Black Angus Beef, Charbroiled just to your liking! The Best Around!

                         Burgers (with fries)or sweet potato fries

                         Plain                                   7.95                           

Bacon Cheeseburger          9.95

MushroomSwiss                  8.95

Bacon Cheddar                   9.95

Signature Inn Burger(Bacon, Cheese, lettuce,Tomato, Onion, & Russian Dressing 9.95


 Philly Style Steaks

Plain                                  7.00

Cheesesteak                     7.95

Pizza Steak                         8.95

Chicken Steak                    8.00

Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak 8.95

Mushroom Cheesesteak        8.95

Cheesesteak w/roasted peppers & provolone 9.95

Cheesesteak Hoagie             8.95